1. What is your maximum LRAP eligible debt?    
  a. Enter your total student expense budget for all three years at NYU Law: $ *

b. Enter your total student contributions for all three years at NYU Law:

(NOTE:  Loans borrowed to cover the student contribution will not be covered by LRAP.)

$ *
  c. Enter the total amount of any scholarships and/or grants you received during law school: $
  d. Enter the total of your gross summer earnings in excess of $15,000 for each law school summer: $
2. What is the total amount of original principal you borrowed in federal loans during law school? $ *
3. What is your annual income during the period you are in LRAP? $ *
4. What is your monthly payment estimate for your law school loans? (see "Tips for Using the Estimator" below) $ *

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LRAP Benefit Summary:

The amount of my debt that will be eligible for LRAP coverage is:  
The percent of my eligible debt covered by LRAP is:  
My monthly Participant Contribution (based on the estimated annual income) toward my debt service is:  
My monthly LRAP benefit amount is:  

Please note that the Estimator is for informational purposes only and does not promise or guarantee LRAP coverage, nor does it account for adjustments to LRAP benefits based on changes in income, assets, and other elements. Additionally, this estimator is only intended to approximate eligibility under NYU's Integrated LRAP. Private student loans are covered under certain circumstances. For a truly individualized benefits projection, please contact an LRAP counselor.